Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Umbrella Prints Trimmings

I ordered away for my trimmings pack.  I just love the navy elephants.
Notice the hearts and elephants
I was inspired by the big orange heart.  It seemed to me it wanted to be a whole heart but could not quite make it.  I designed two pillowcases to complete the hearts with each other with the words u complete me. I just love the orange and blue.  I used some linen from my stash and did a reverse applique around the heart and then cut it out.  I think the bright blue really sets it off.

Outside to show off the vibrant color

On the bed where they will be used.  One for me and one for the hubby.

 Then I used the blue elephants to make a small zip purse to help contain all the "stuff" in my purse.  I really love how the yellow sets them off.  I am so happy to have an elephant in my purse.

 Wish I was a better photographer. Anyway, that's what I made with my trimmings pack.

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  1. Pretty neat! I think the blue and orange really work well together, too!