Sunday, March 27, 2011

UPcycled Dog Pillow

Blogger's Pillow PartyI decided to rework a pretty sad dog pillow for the pillow party.
I ordered this dog print fabric on sale from Pink Chalk fabrics.
I thought it was perfect for a dog.
My idea was to use as much of the original pillow as I could along with some other upcycled items.
Here is the project in pictures.
Kyra's spot.  She is allowed on the couch if she sits on her spot and is under supervision.  Clicking on the picture will enlarge it.

Starting point

Tearing it apart with Kyra's help. Boy is she excited for a new pillow.
Leftovers.  I used most of the original pillow along with an old t-shirt. I used the cording and backing. I cut a bone shape from the t-shirt and used the rest to cover the cording .  Patched the back with some of the material from the front.
Kyra Helping Again!

She can hardly wait.  Fits perfectly on one cushion right in the middle. 

Mission Accomplished and Comfy too.

Back with some bones and balls to cover the previous holes.

Close up of machine embroidery.  Free paw design from Urban Threads. It is a really cool site and they usually have something free.  I bought an embroidery machine about a year ago and do not use it nearly enough :(. 


  1. Hello! I'm happy to see Kyra with her new fixed pillow! You made her wonderful pillow! We have our friends with us on the sofa, it's so nice to have your dog next to you! Kyra is beautiful!
    Teje, Nero & girls

  2. Thank you. I love your blog with the dogs.