Sunday, June 17, 2012

I read . . .

banned books


A little kindle cover I make with a free embroidery design from .  They have some really cool free stuff that you can find here.
 I used the perfect zip bag pattern from Elizabeth and modified the zipper placement and dimensions.  The main fabric is an organic canvas that I got from nearsea naturals.  The linen is from my stash.  Love the leather handle that I picked up at a knitting expo.

I love how it turned out.  Just the perfect size.  I added some embroidery to the back too.


I am linking to Ellison Lane Quilts to increase my chances as a random winner.


  1. Loving the raven embroidery! That is so cool! Great idea to turn it into a Kindle cover!

  2. Hi Pam - I thanks for the tip - I have been reading that in other places to turn off the thing on comments but had not for the life of me been able to figure out how. Seeing that you took the trouble to advise me I have been pondering and dithering but finally worked it out - it is now turned off. Thanks so much for taking the trouble. Cheers Karen

    1. I did not realize until a few days ago that mine was on. I turned it off so maybe I will get more comments too. Have a great weekend.