Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fabric Basket

Great place for more treasure (aka junk) to be hidden.  Why does every nook seem to get filled with stuff.  At least it does for me.

Fabric Basket

I made this basket following this sewn stash basket tutorial from the purl bee.  I put my own spin on it with some reverse applique.  The linen is some that I picked up many years ago (dirt cheap) from a clothing manufacturer sale.  I still have several yards and just love using it in many projects.

I am linking up to Ellison Lane Quilts Ellison Lane Quilts

in the home decor category.
This is where it usually lives on top of the bookcase in our bedroom.

Thanks to Jennifer once again for a great contest.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the luck of the draw  as there are so many great entries.  I will be posting entries in the other categories as well to increase my odds.


  1. Love it love it love it!! Have become a follower because of it :) Found you thru' the Ellison Lane Summer Sewing Contest. It looks amazing!!

  2. Aren't there loads of entries!Your basket is lovely!

    Thank you for comenting in my blog- did you realise you are a 'no-reply blogger'? If you get no response to your coments, this is probably why! Also, you may find you miss out because of this, so I recommend you adjust this feature.
    Good luck.
    Ps you might like to get rid of your word verification thingy- It is offputting!

    Sorry, I am an interfering so and so;-(